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It's been an even longer time, and nothing has really happened. Unfortunately, I really havn't put any work at all into the project since I got to college. I just recently pulled the robot out of the basement where I had stored it over the summer, and noticed that the moisture has caused the gears to begin to rust. Realizing that I've wanted to start over and "do it right", I've decided to end this project in favor of a new one. This new robot will build on the knowledge I've gained here, and try to do better. So, off to Chip III!

It's been a long time, and not very much has happened. I've decided to post a tarball with my source code here.

A long awaited site update is here!  I finally decided to get around to rebuilding the site.  Look for better layout and lots more info coming soon!

I've added a V8600 speech synth board, so Chip II is finally talking!  I also build a whole new head, but I don't have any pictures of it yet.

Finally I've gotten around adding a bit more to the page.  I've also done a lot of work on the robot, especially my expansion board that I just finished.  Money is beginning to run tight (this stuff isn't cheap), but I still plan on eventually adding everything from speech synthesis to a radio modem.

A lot more money and time later, I've got the whole robot body constructed.  I've also added many devices to it.  This page will now have several new pictures and information.

Finally the wheel base is done!  At a parts and tools cost of over $200 and a few man hours over the weekend, a seemingly simple drive train and chassis is complete.  Now it's time to build the body and eventually shell out the cash for the brains :)

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