About Me

Name: Derek Konigsberg
Age: 21
Birthdate: 04/04/81
Home: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
E-Mail: konigd@rpi.edu
ICQ: 6874068
AIM: DAKonigs


I'm a junior at Rensl...
Rensler Poly...
Aw, screw it!
I go to RPI!

I'm majoring in Computer Science.


I graduated Palm Beach Gardens H.S.,
Class of 1999


I drive a 1998 Mercury Mystique, so watch out on the road :)


I'm an "A+ Certified" computer service technician,
so don't get jumpy if I try to "fix" your machine.
I know what I'm doing.  Honest :)


I'm also a "Cisco Certified Network Associate",
so don't get too frightened if I try to deploy EIGRP and OSPF on your home network while ranting about RIPv1.


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Questions? Comments? Write me at konigd@rpi.edu