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Once upon a time, the ancient ones bestowed upon us the very first form of easily interchangeable RAM, the 30-pin SIMM:

Unfortunately, the 30-pin SIMM could only have a maximum size of 4 MB, so a 72-pin replacement was cast down with a maximum size of 16 MB:

Now the 72-pin SIMM could give most systems up to 128MB of total RAM when four were installed, but even the fastest EDO models were only as fast as 60ns and thus easily caught and devoured by the hordes of Windows. So, a 168-pin DIMM was introduced as superior replacement allowing over 128MB per unit and allowing for systems to have up to 512MB of RAM at a screaming speed of 10ns or less:

(Don't complain to me about errors in the above text, as I know it has errors, but I'm too lazy to fix them.)


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