Project: Multi-Boot

...because dual-booting is for whimps...

Several months ago, I purchased a new 27GB hard drive for my desktop. At the time, I was using Windows, games, and collecting multimedia files. As such, my 8GB drive was way too full. Also, since I only used Linux once in a while, I only gave it my old 3.2GB drive. After getting the new drive, Linux got all of my 8GB and a fresh install.

Then, things changed. I realized that I didn't have a lot of time for games, and Windows stopped recognizing my CD-ROM and CD-RW drives. Too lazy (or busy) to reinstall Windows, I started using Linux 24/7. Linux has been my primary OS ever since. (several months later, due to the desire for games, I did reinstall Windows and make it work again)

Recently, I realized that I had all this hard drive space that I wasn't using. So, I pulled out a Partition Magic disk, and made it available. I have now decided to put as many potentially useful operating systems on my computer as I can dig up. One day, my System Commander startup menu may scroll, and thus strike fear into the hearts of the weak! :)

Machine specs:
Intel Pentium II 266MHz
27GB Maxtor HD
8GB Maxtor HD
ATI XPERT@Play AGP video card
ATI-TV tuner board
3dfx Voodoo 2
40x CD-ROM drive
4x2x24 CD-RW drive

Operating systems installed:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Microsoft Windows '98 SE

Linux Mandrake 6.1

BeOS 4.5

Sun Solaris 7

FreeBSD 4.0

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