Chip II

Project Overview

    A long time ago, before I knew anything about real robotics, I worked with my friend Matt Lipsman on a robot named "Chip".  This robot was built out of some unknown kind of plastic toy parts, and stood about 3.5 feet tall.  Using scavenged electronic gadgets and plenty of scotch tape, we put tons of crap on it.

The Original "Chip"


    Today, now that I know a bit about what I'm doing from some experience with F.I.R.S.T. and SciTech, I've decided to resurrect the project.  Matt brought over the original "Chip", and I ordered all the catalogs.  Since the original robot body was toy plastic, we decided to build a whole new robot from scratch.  However, the new robot will have similar form to the original.  "Chip II" will be constructed with the same design philosophy as the original:  build something neat that you can cram with a whole load of crap!  At first it will just be a frame, but as time progresses we will add parts.

Project Sections
Project overview
My tools and equipment
The robot!

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