Chip II


It seems that every web page out there needs a links section.  Therefore, I must have one too.  On this page you will find links to sites that I've found useful in the course of working on my robot.
Clubs and Organizations
Seattle Robotics Society (their mailing list is the best forum for robotics Q&A and info)
Dallas Personal Robotics Group
Portland Area Robotics Society
F.I.R.S.T. (my inspiration to get into robotics)

Sources for Parts
Ray's Robotic Racers
Mouser Electronics
Jameco Electronics
Marlin P. Jones
All Electronics
Acroname Robotics
Future-Bot Components
RC Systems
Newark Electronics
Small Parts, Inc.
Home Depot
Radio Shack

Semiconductor Manufacturers
(a.k.a. companies that make chips 'n stuff)
Hewlett Packard
National Semiconductor
Allegro MicroSystems

Personal Sites
TheOne's Robotics
The Albert Project

Project Sections
Project overview
My tools and equipment
The robot!

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