About Me Schedule History Computers My room Pictures Robotics Legos Humor Misc      Given that putting these photos here manually takes too much effort, I've finally installed a nice photo gallery system. I'll be putting all future photos I post there instead.

See my informal photo gallery here!

Since sometimes you want a fancier option, especially for the good photos, you can see my SmugMug site here!

And now that I'm stocking up on camera gear as if it was computer gear, you can check out that collection here.

Finally, some photos from a recent trip to Deutschland!

Sights of Bremen:

The protector of Bremen

Historical "town hall"


The Four Musicians

Oktoberfest in München:

The München train station we left from

The fest!

The fest!

The fest!

The fest!

Enjoying a Maß of Paulaner Helles Bier

Auf Weidersehen

The spoils of the trip

One thing I've had as a hobby over the years, is photography. Here are some of my more artistic-looking black and white pictures:

Rocks along the water

Abstract angle on a tree

One day I decide to show a friend of mine the really cool-looking insides of my IBM RS/6000 POWERserver 590. However, upon opening it, we discover an unusual clump of fluff packed into an empty drive bay...

The insides of the machine

A strange clump of fluff

It looks like feathers 'n stuff

Ahh, so something tried hibernating in the server!

Ahh, a little mouse

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