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Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else...

LogicMail for BlackBerry

CLARiiON 5400 Information
Also possibly known as the following products:
 SGI Origin FibreVault
 EMC CLARiiON FC5400/FC5500

Updated version of PasswordTracker
Updates include migration to Java 1.5, a minor bug fix, and some MacOS platform improvements. The original project can still be found here.
PasswordTracker (JAR for anything)
PasswordTracker (DMG for MacOSX)
SVN: https://perseus.logicprobe.org/svn/repos/patra/trunk

Firefox 1.0.2 for MacOSX (with middle mouse button support)

Turning a plastic model into a spaceship

xIRCh - X-Windows IRC Hack

Computer-Ed, Summer 2002

Presentations that I've given in various forums over the years...

Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol
(Given at LEAP-CF, 12/15/05)

RAID: An Introduction
(Given at UCF AITP)

Data Transport over IP Networks
(Given at UCF AITP)

Networking and Routing with IP
(Given at UCF AITP)

Xicada.net: Building the ultimate private network
(Given at UCF ACM)

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