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In-Class Doodling

...remembering that point in schooling before I needed to pay attention...

Ahh, the days of middle school... I had countless free time during class back in those days. It was before paying attention in class actually mattered much to me. In the later days I spend my time on TI-85 calculator programming. However, in the earlier days, I put much effort into two-dimensional doodling. Seen here is an example of some of what I was able to find around my room several months ago. I scanned the drawings, stiched together the big ones (albeit not perfectly), and I am now providing them here. They are at a high resolution, but some of them are fairly detailed.

I recently found more drawings, and have scanned them. They are viewable on my gallery page

Star Trek VI 1/2
This is the only drawing here not done by myself.
It was done by a guy named Mike Katz, whom I havn't
seen in years. At the time, for some reason, we were
thinking up a script for a Star Trek movie where there
was a universe clash with Star Wars. Basically, the
premise is that Darth Vader takes the imperial fleet into
Federation space in search of technology.

Big Ship Cross-section
One thing I played with, was drawing fancy cross-sections
of starships. Well, this is perhaps the biggest one of all.
As you will notice, it spans several pieces of paper.
If you look at the large version, you will notice lots
of detail.

Transport Ship
This one contains several views of a
transport ship of some sort.

I was always fond of the uniforms worn by the crew
in movies ST2-ST6. They just seemed more appropriate
for starfleet personel than the cheezy ones worn in
all of the other TV shows and movies.
One thing to notice is that all my uniform sketches
were drawn on a yellow pad. Also, as you see here,
I didn't manage to finish this one.







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