This page is dedicated to the many custom build Lego craft I have constructed or acquired over the years. Note that all images were taken using a carpet as a background even though many are in space.

United Legonian Fleet

Once upon a time, a group of Legos known as the Legonians peacefully existed on a remote planted called Legonia. But when the evil Andrillians, a race of androids, destroyed Legonia, the Legonians were scattered throughout the galaxy. Over time, various remnants of the Legonian fleets joined together in a distant part of space to form the United Legonian Fleet to maintain a thriving Legonian presence in the galaxy. They have come under assault many times by those that wanted to destroy them, and have even come close to defeat. However, they have always managed to win in the end and destroy their enemies with superior skills and technology.

In orbit over New Legonia, is the central command of the United Legonian Fleet. This base is also known as Starbase 1, and houses the Fleet Admiral and his support staff.


Based on the surface of New Legonia is Alpha Squadron, an elite fighter unit that forms the primary fighter force of the fleet sporting superb kill-to-loss ratios in combat.
Alpha 1:
A 2-seat fighter carrying the
squadron commander and his assistant.
This craft has powerful engines and
an array of high-power phaser cannons.
Alpha 2:
The second ship in the squad, this
fighter has an array of fore and aft
firing short-range missile launchers
and a forward firing pulse phaser
capable of firing a very powerful
Alpha 3:
This is the lightest fighter in
the squadron. It has twin pulse
phasers and several short-range
Alpha 4:
This is the most advanced fighter
in the squadron. It is the product
of much R&D work as the New Legonia
fighter base. This craft has the
strongest hull in the squad, allowing
it to survive poundings and collisions
that would destroy any other fighter.
It also has a sophisticated triple
nozzle thrust vectoring engine
encased in a multi-faceted hemisphere
on the back of it's very powerful engine
It's weapon systems include four pulse
phasers, six medium power pulse cannons
and an advanced target tracking system
It is by far the best dog fighter the
galaxy has seen.


Providing small scale fighter support for starbases
and assisting spec ops teams is Beta Squadron.
Beta 1:
This small fighter has twin low-power
phasers on the front tips of it's wing
mounted engine nacelles, 4 forward firing
short-range missiles, and 1 aft-firing
short range missile. It also has the most
empty cockpit space aft of the pilot of and
fighter, allowing it to ferry cargo or spec
ops forces into areas.
Beta 2:
This small fighter has twin low-power
phasers on either side of the cockpit,
and 3 forward firing short-range missiles.


Forming the core of the Legonian deep-space
fleet are it's two starships. They both have
extremely long operating range and powerful
weapons. They also act as command and control
ships for fleet engagements.
LSS Enterprise:
This is the flagship of the Legonian fleet.
She is the fastest ship in warp, and sports
the most powerful weapons. She also has a
runabout shuttle docked in the rear.
Her standard complement is 15, although
she can carry many more. Her weapon systems
consist of a forward firing missile launcher
capable of delivering volleys of any kind of
projectile with accelerated launch velocity.
There also are several multi-directional phaser
banks. On the port side, is a plasma pulse phaser
weapons that charges directly from the warp core
and can deliver a devastating blow to any target
The engineering section has multiple redundant
reactor systems so that all major parts of the
ship can have independent power sources in combat
to provide superior tactical power and damage
LSS Renegade:
This vessel is indented for more of a scientific
nature than the Enterprise, which is a dedicated
warship. The Renegade has been fitted with multiple
energy and projectile weapons systems however, due to
the need for another combat-ready starship to help
combat the Legonians' many threats. Her standard
crew complement is 14. Like on the Enterprise,
an aft docked runabout shuttle is also


The medium-sized craft in the fleet fulfill support
roles for all purposes when a full-size starship
is not needed.
LSS Omega:
This ship is the primary cargo hauler of the fleet,
having a large cargo bay as most of the ship's
size. She also patrols inner Legonian space
as a transport from one area to another.
Her standard crew complement is 3.
Assault Transport:
This craft is a refitted version of an old Legonian
security patrol ship. However it has been refitted
to carry spec ops assault forces and equipment and
covertly drop them on a planet surface and extract
them. It also has 10 long-range missiles that can
be configured in anti-fighter, anti-ship, and ground
support modes with each mode having a different
manuverability/range/warhead configuration.
The standard crew complement is 2, plus any
spec forces.
LSS Delta:
Although refitted from the same craft as the Assault
Transport, the Delta is a very different craft.
Her primary role is anti-fighter combat. This
is needed because fighter groups cannot always
destroy as many fighters as may face them, and
fighter protection is not always available.
The mission of fighter defense is accomplished
with 2 forward firing multidirectional phasers with
advanced targeting systems, and 12 special anti-fighter
missiles. Defense against larger threats is provided
by 4 larger anti-ship missiles.
The standard crew complement is 3.

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